Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dreadful prancing "written 8/13/12"

I am consumed with
hate and dread prancing
into my so called
life of nightmares
and bleeding things
that mean nothing.

I only ask for one
thing and that is
to taste your fear
and pride wash away
like the dawn that
was once beautiful
and magnificent.

I am no longer the
one to bow down in
this world of fear
among-st the man of
evil.I look for my
standing point and
hold on tight as I
watch you drown in
your own miseries
and reflections.

I bid you warning now
to step away from
me and my poisonous
glare,you mean nothing
to mean and in your
mind never have!step
back and feel my eyes
burn through your pale
skin leave the scent
of rotten behind in

Darkness has won its
place among my shallow
mind and cold deafening
heart.I prepare to leave
you where you belong,the
tales of a song to a
degree helps me in this
pride soaked being I
have now become!

You see the tears you
wish me to cry turn
dark and leave my
bittersweet feelings
down my cheeks but
was it not you who
said I could not feel?
I am now blinded and
can clearly see
more now than I could
of ever before!

I smile as I walk my
roads of hell,cold,dark
no longer under your
poisonous spell.Diddle
dee do I am threw
with you!!!

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