Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dwelling lies

The lowest of cowards fight
truth with lies. Hiding behind
false in a mind disguised. A
call out of the blue set all stumbling
back into the past. You search
for what you want even when you
are not man enough to take what
you have.

Dare me, dare me now, to prove
words that the unfortunate is to
stupid to un-ground! You believe
you can stop all in the tracks of life,
a phone showed all in your life was
not right!

Do I need to be the bitch that I have
been made? prove my side that was
not so long ago! A night in the dark
when you were left behind, a call as
I silently stayed hushed in the background.

Tears begging for understanding, your
part as always because nothing has
ever had to be proven where I am
standing. Going to the shower that
only stays in use, washing soap from
the body that finds no fruit!

I have stayed silent as always, for
your sake I have suffered much
abuse. This is where all is called
quits, tell your bitch to lay back
or as always all will find the truth!

Six months has been so very long,
within your body my body suffers
none! How long again was your tall
tale of none? For I am sure I can prove
your lies are wrong!

Suffered much I have done to well!
Your lies as always will drive you into
your own man made hell! A heart is
not the best thing to play with, for it
will always find the will to tell truths
where your lies dwell!

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