Sunday, July 14, 2013

False intentions 1/16/13

I stand alone waiting
for the right demon to
walk beside me,I need
not undress in front
of his eyes to show
him my flesh made of
white pleasure is one
to glory upon.

I will be his faithful
queen as we walk the dark
side,I may be dark but
look into my eyes and
you will see my dignity.
My clothes and hands I
keep to myself waiting
for the one who will give
me more than his taken off

I see you sinfully giving
away all that you have,I
laugh as I know one day
you will walk with me on
my road to hell.You flaunt
your body like you are a
desirable angle!"fallen maybe"

I am prideful in my dark haven
of hell,I give away nothing
for a man to play with unfaithfully.
I rush my words at you like a
dagger to your heart.You look
for love in all the wrong places
taking your clothes off for
anyone in the dark! I win
with my words like a game of
cat and mouse,I need not the
affection from anyone who does
not live in my cave of a house.

I am prideful,I have dignity
and in my darkness you will
see that you are nothing more
but a mans wanted whore.He takes
what he wants and will leave
you in a puddle of grief,your
tears he will not stay long
enough to see! You are left
with no dignity,your esteem
needs to be built before you
end up in hell just like me!

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