Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Lovers Devotion

High on passion
senses aroused by one single breath 
laid softly on my body
tingling sensations hoover what was numb 
Clinging to the last of my resistance 
I cry a sound of pleasure
letting go 

Feeling the fire
of lust and power
in the arms of a lover

Greedily tasting 
Devouring lost hunger upon him
caressing glistened skin
with the tips of life through my fingers
palm moves down sweat soaked body
finding hearts beating in union
tasting lips 
falling into heaven

slowly coming together as one
nothing left untouched
nothing left un-kissed
all in loving gesture of romance
for just a moment
just a second
all is lost in the clouds of passion

Everything is gone
patience is not sustained
cravings of the body wants all it can take
fingers entwined in hair  
Bodies coming together greedily taking what is left
kisses no longer spared
nerves awakened
carried away 
lost in time
for just a moment 
A passionate moment 
of complete understanding

Nothing at stake
no heartbreak
just passion and anticipation  
for what follows 
through the night
released of all emotion 
nothing left
for all has been given 
in the arms of a lovers devotion

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