Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Needful things

I am here for your need?
what can I do for you?
how can I help?
I am resting only for the needs of others
I am the shadow that resides on the wall of hell
I feel what is wanted
I see what is needed
how can I help

I lay silent for far to long
protecting those who deserve none
how can I help you?
what more can I do?
I am nothing
in the shadow of everything

I am here for the benefit of needed
here to satisfy others
as I lay silent
in harms way of things for all
I care no longer of what I wish
I know it falls at the feet of can yous
I am tired and worn

Worn from the havoc that settles my heart
the dark I can clearly see
for I am not seen
I am
alone among-est the still of none

Tell me what you need
tell me before I can do no more
for now I see
what is in store for me
the path has been shown
it has been felt
where I am only what is needed
but never a part
of greater things

What can I do?
What would you like?
along the lines of goodbye!

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