Friday, July 19, 2013

Passions reality

He stands before me
a look of meekness and innocence
eyes telling a thousand stories
a whisper of what is felt can be heard with his heartbeat.

Still in fear but intuitive of what is wanted
falls into place, felt with a greed that is not wished
for life can easily be carried away
in the voice of maybe.

There is that moment
in life that cannot be held back
a fondle of breath caressing the neck
heightened emotion arouses the senses
flesh tingles with just one kiss
of the mind
and heart.

A careful step is taken
a look into eyes tells everything feared
for time can get away with us in the glance of passion
and sincerity can be forgotten with just one kiss to the lips
all is found
in the craving of what is missed
and needed
at a time when all else is forgiven.

Life finds meaning
where it will never go
for some things are only meant to be
in the moment of lonesome reality

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