Thursday, July 11, 2013

Safely in the dark

Bow down, bow down as judgment
comes in the form of breath staking
walks of life!

Forsaking all that you have ever done!
For the wrath of hell only destroys the
ones who loved the most!

Arms stretched out as all screams out their insanity!
Releasing anger!
Expressing grief!
Wiping muck from their knees!

All bow down as life proves all insecurities true!

Shield yourself from mental abuse,
stone your heart for no one to use!

Pacing back and forth, hair pulled waiting
for the answer that awaits un-fruitfully.

Feel it, can you feel the misery?
War of words suffer the blood lines of past and present!

Do you hear it?

Do you ask for the tales to take hold of your inner being?

Give it's answer now!
Fight the un-won!
Caress the pain!
Feel the scars left behind!
Trust nothing!
Trust no one for none is to be trusted that breaths air!

Turn your back to those who wish pain written in black!
Turn your back from all,
for they could be the devil in disguise waiting to destroy
what once was hopeful and alive!

Swallow the grief!
Swallow the pain!
Swallow lies of long ago days!
Swallow it and let it fester for it shall numb you until nothing is felt again!

Can you feel it?
Can you see it?
Can you breath it?
Taste it!
Want it!
Need it!
For it is the only thing that will keep you safe and guarded!

NOW let it shatter the earths ground!
Let it rewind and be forgotten!
Let it eat the heart that once possessed your body!
Let it take your soul and forever be forgotten!

NOW you don't feel it!
Dark finds safely away from all hell!
Gates close where nothing any longer can dwell!

Don't feel!
Don't love!
Don't dream!
Don't cry!
Don't hope for all will end in the death of misery and lies!

Careless life has no positive for it all lays on the
blood soaked ground of hate and misinformed!

Do you hear it?
Listen again!
It is the silence of nothing!

All at peace now in what should never have been!
Life drains now and leaves all peacefully within!

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