Friday, July 26, 2013

Shards of Glass

Nothing can hold together the unraveled
like shards of glass broken
all falls treacherously
shattering what once was complete
in beauty

Blood spilled
means nothing in the eyes of the devils glare
taking all in his shallow footsteps
life ending
from the beginning

Callous in what is mentioned
corrupt heart feels nothing
where all is hollow
in a corps position

Eyes bleed tears of black ink
veins protrude
noticeably begging for sanction
where life is never guaranteed
in the mind of what was left behind

All is gone
where dreams use to carry
in what was told
by the angel of death
in his mocking words

Numbness is found
where feelings are bidden away
in one last attempt
to build walls of safety
hands up in defense pushing away everyone
anything that can be misinterpreted
as love and affection

Walking away
from who I was
to be who I have been turned into
like the remainder of  shards of glass
all is spilled
with one slash

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