Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Carelessly slaughtered

Slaughtered corners find the weak
weeping with a handful of tattered
and torn clothes hugged tightly in
the arms of pain. Chin rests where
bruises reside, no one to blame!

Careless whisper tells tales of why!
The beginning of everything shuffles
endlessly in the mind of grief stricken.
Call of help scurries calming sentiments
of betrayed numbness.

Washed away dampened thighs, settle
for nothing where everything lays.
Searching for death where life is
forced to stay.

Reminders of who raped all thoughts,
the careless who takes no blame. The
same as a rapist pardoned away. Taking
for granted feelings that were already
shattered among the mind of battered!

Hate consumes those that were one
time so full of life! A hollow heart
felt no need to leave well enough
alone after many times of grief!

Blades taken to the wrist, finds all
happily in bliss!

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