Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sorrowful Melancholy

Noise conceals the drab and
destitute melancholy of sorrowful
misery that craves for the affection
of comfortable dusk.

Smeared are the gates of hell
with the blood of the less deserving.
Rejection is faced when life is
no longer on reserve, nothing
but emptiness and greed is
suffered when meant by the
grim reaper.

All falls ungracefully when sin
is found at the doors of already
taken steps. Careless mind fondles
the hope that all will be forgotten
with the last drop of hourglass

Crept away nerves no longer
strong enough to take punishment
where dues are placed and paid.
Pleasure bargains with pain in
anticipation for life to give one
more hour to apologize for
past mistakes.

Souls found worthy in the heat
of Satan's fires, hearts turned to
stone long ago now begs for release.
Time can never be turned back,
when all finds blood written in

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