Saturday, July 27, 2013


Burdens find intense reflections
in the dialog of life and living
each page turned gives more reason to
succumb to reality
take what has always been given
as what shall always be

I have tried to beg off the devil
as man he has always found me
tearing apart all that I am
finding excuses to cut what is already scarred
taking what is given with no heart

Allowing deeds to go on
knowing what follows when done
never giving regard to a soul
who has suffered more than what can be handled
matters not when punishment comes from the once trusted

I am searching
I am trying to find what lays beneath the shadows of eternity
I can see nothing but these roads paved for the less deserving
five year old soul found a shovel
preparing for what would always be
digging deeper
in waiting
for what is so powerfully wished
end to all pain
and suffering

An end to having a heart
that can be used against her
taken for granted
as long as man fulfills his imaginations
upon her flesh
heart and soul
his whispering lies
takes a hold
her mind no longer hers
with stories told

Emptiness now finds tap out
where the hole has already been dug
the road finally finds a dead end
where no hope resides
all taken and used up
faith in anyone who is real
was taken by a thief in the night
finally gaining what he has wanted
she falls peacefully into the dark

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