Sunday, July 14, 2013

Taste of blood 1/19/12

Look at you with fear reeking
from your body,you know that I
am near.I can smell your blood,
now I want to see your tears.

You are hopelessly trapped in
my world.I have brought you here
to give you endless turmoil by
my hands.

Feel my claws as they run down
your body,you will carry the
scars that I leave on your body
forever more!Who now will be
nothing more than a whore?

Be happy you get to escape with
your life! it could be worse I am
sure of that,you have only felt half
of my bloody attack.

I will leave you with your soul,a
heart now that many will break as
they run from your now scared face.
You will feel pain and lonesomeness
as I have for so long.

By the time I am done with you,you
will rather feel pain than nothing
else at all!To your death you will
wish you could fall.

Now leave this place and run as fast
as you can!Feel the comfort of sweet
sin on your lips first,your blood I
still thirst.

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