Thursday, July 25, 2013

The awakening of Sinfully Alive

The sun has faded letting the moon take it's rightful place. I walk slowly out of my home of doom looking for my next conquest of infidelity and soulless being's who have lingered outdoors so late into the night. I hear shrewd laughter of mortals who play in their games of sin throughout the night, they put up their faces of purity through the day only to be hopeless and conniving when the sun goes down. I relish in my own thoughts of such creatures walking earth without any cares of what really hides underground, in a frenzy my mind runs in circles playing out the treacherousness that they think they have overcome by hiding behind their mask of evil morbid thoughts. They believe that they can play the part of the innocent within the day and all will be forgotten in their end. They do not realize that life catches up with them and fulfills all rights in death. They are blinded by what fraction of their minds they have left; as they dance a slow song of immortality never believing they will find a burning death from the fires Lucifer has waiting for them. He rejoices in their crooked sins of sexual pleasures that hold no meaning but the release they sought out nightly. Thieves of the night they break spirits down by enslaving innocent minds just too find peace in their beds at night. They run the blackness like it belongs to them and they have all power over the weak, they have not yet meant me! I watch them purposely take advantage of my territory like it is soulfully theirs too walk upon and destroy. I follow in a soundless footsteps behind the creatures that have no worries or pride for what they have done. They carry smiles on their faces like they have the right to hurt and break anyone who gives them half the chance. They see nothing but their own wants with a black soul. 

I have taken my time in pursuit of my prey tonight, I have decided the fates of these creatures. They find their resting places among the un-dead tonight in a doom of hell. My eyes flare as my blood of poison drip from my fingertips, the sky lights up with bolts of lightning taking over the earth. A whole town of unneeded flesh will answer to their maker when I am done, needless terror will be struck out before the sun rises once again. Cracks in the ground starts to swallow people whole leading them into their own made hell. Buildings are crashing down among the diseased bodies that reek havoc among the innocent. Screams can be heard only to my ears, running feet flash by me in a race of time that was never expected to come true. People are falling to their knees praying now to their god begging forgiveness before the earth swallows them, you can see fear in their eyes as their life plays like a movie before them. They search for someone to help them escape their fate; begging for the release of such terror. They ask for another chance that will prove they can bend their knee in front of the chapels doors! Asking for permission to cross the threshold that they had forgotten stood in their mist waiting for them from the beginning of time. They finally see their crimes of destruction! Like a poison surging through their bodies they start to release the darkness of their ways, they find release in the three letter word that begged for their praise. Forgiven by the lord the floors of earth come together once again, this was their last chance too find their way out of sin. My body is shaking in anger, God gives so many chances but yet these fools always turn back to their old habits of sin and greed! I lay in wait just for my chance once again to reek down the storms that will burn the flesh of the un-giving! I walk back into my cave of bleakness with the assurance that I will once again be called back to this place of hell bent sins. I breathe the darkness into my nostrils savoring my thoughts of the thrills I shall have again. I am the seeker of lost souls and endless sins! I am Sinfully Alive and with me you would not have so easily been forgiven, I will wait you out again! I have no friends, no one can be trusted among the living! In the end my delights will be fed upon, flesh to powder, bones too dust, your sins I will always lust!

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