Thursday, July 18, 2013

The black crow

Crow finds wind
under wings of ludicrous flight
capturing prey
to weak to fight
to scared to scurry
life gone now from their flesh
blood seeps from bones
turning to dust
swiftly swallowed into a black hole

Pondering the steps of its next victim
it is brought back to its first
the feel of hunger as it stalked the unaware
relishing in the thought
of destroying
the unsuspected
devouring the soul of innocent
relinquishing all care
in the thirst of despair

Watching as flesh dissipates
no regret
in the power of its own hate
for beauty is nothing but black
less fulfilling where heart has never rested
the black of blood runs through veins
of a disaster waiting to happen

The black crow speaks in tongues
of falsity
it will lore you in
with the whisper of trust
the mask of deceit
it looks only for the weak
the loner in heartbreak
the ones who shallowly believe
that not all beauty hides the dark of what lays beneath
of what is on the hunt
for all to destroy just to savor their own thirst

find footing
never stand where all can see
the traces of what used to be
grab chest with open palm
pull from it the only thing that all evil searches for
let the ink of black blood pour
from all that brings pain
walk away
walk from all who plays the devils game
for they will find you
they will assault you with their lies
a beauty that only covers them on the outside
for they have all to hide

For it is the trick
the trick of the mind
the laughter they hold within
as they slaughter
everything and one in their wake
like fools gold they are fake
pretending to be what they have never been
for it takes only one bite from the black crow
to be lost in the dark eyes of soulless

Thirsting only in greed
it finds flight when all has been lost
find your footing
for you are next
in the devouring of the black crow
make no mistake
he is here
he is in waiting
to destroy what is beautiful
for his own taking......

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