Thursday, July 4, 2013

The words of fake

The poison creeps within your soul,
blistering your mind until it loses all
control of everything that walks in your
path. The love for life sizzles out in
monetarily turns, careless words burn
you to the core. Nothing finds peace
softly lain upon the ground of pain
and insecurities.

A turn of the shoulder warns all is
lost among the world of right. All
fought-en for is clearly for naught.
Fingernails grind what should feel
pain, nothing is gained when all is

A truth that you shall deny, for the
very one person who seeks nothing
but lies. You slain a heart that shall
never feel for the comfort of a bed
that with her shall never appeal!

Talk of lonesome, talk of fake, it
is only in your mind that you make
the greatest mistakes! Check the bill
months behind, there the truth lays
silent to find!

You can hurt who means nothing
against the crimson tides of green,
you will be the one who suffers when
all is reached!

Talk your stories, talk you pain, none
of it comes close to the one who waited!
You are a coward that preys on what
can be found, the wallet sings a soft
lullaby of sound!

I hurt for who I never knew, or who
stood among the dreams that could
only be faltered if wallet turns shrew!

Kiss a lip that feels no linger, for you
will one day see what money could not
buy, fly by, fly by, you are the lowest
of men that all woman despise!

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