Sunday, August 4, 2013

A blanket of dandelions

I watch as an angel spreads her wings
she is playing in a garden of beauty
singing a soft heavenly lullaby
as she picks a dandelion
that most would think a weed

She inhales the scent 
and looks at it like it was a prize won
on the floor of left alone
Her eyes sparkle with enchantment 
touching it with her fingers 
she enjoys the soft petals 
that most would ignore

She stands in the center 
of a thousand dandelions 
her wings spreading farther 
than her arms could ever reach
her laughter can be heard miles away
her smile the brightest of all stars
in the midnight hours sky

She has found the beauty 
that is so easily overlooked
for only she sees the treasures
that blanket the hills of earth

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