Monday, August 19, 2013

A Soldiers walk through life

A little boy watches through the gates at his dad
a soldier man he is and proud. He knows that this
gate will lead him away, maybe for a while or
the rest of his days.

He tells of his dads courage to anyone who will listen
and he tells them that one day he will come home,
back to his mom and him.
He prays every night for his safety with his mom
as he watches the stars and wonders
if his dad can see what he does.
He throws him a kiss into the air
in hopes that his dad will feel it upon his cheeks
that are soaked in tears.

He never sees that brave man again
his dad had walked through the gates
of his own freewill and doom.
His Mother still cries within the darkness of nightfall
to this day missing the soldier still.
Her heart had fallen because she
was never prepared for what was to come
appeared at her their door.
She had prayed so hard for his safe return
never believing that those gates would
be his last goodbye.

He grows into a man himself,
following in his fathers boots prints,
he had decided long ago.
He leaves his baby boy behind that same gate,
the same he seen at his age.

He walks the path that was set out for
him as bullets fly throughout the nights,
endless days that seem to never be out
of sight. His friends falling to the ground,
his strength could not save them this time around.

He dreams of the day he will go home,
to see the family he left and misses so.
A memory of a once great man creeps into his restless mind.
A new found strength he shall carry
as he wakes to the bullets of a new day.

Years go by with nothing more than letters from home,
he wonders if his son can still remember the man that he once was.
Carefree and full of play,
how he misses those long ago days.

The day has finally come,
he hears word that they are going home.
Fear rocks his heavily burdened shoulders,
would everyone still be there waiting for him?
would they feel the same as they had so long ago
on that fateful day?
Waiting for the return of their soldier man!

He stands at the gate that he has seen his whole life,
remembering the father he had hid his tears from.
He only wished to let him know he could be strong also,
wishing now he had not hid the tears that were to fall.
Hoping he had always knew how he was missed by all,
not few!

He looks up from his thoughts to see his wife and a little boy
who has grown so much in his time away.
Tears fall from their eyes as they seen him
walking through the gate that had spoken so many
I miss yous and goodbyes.

Hand in hand they will leave this place,
one last glance backwards to see his fathers smiling face.
A salute from his hand into the air,
his guardian angel,
his strength on those long nights of restless fear,
his father, had always been near.

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