Friday, August 2, 2013

A woman's eyes

Have you ever looked
deep within a woman's eyes?
Have you ever wondered what she is hiding
behind the smiles she so freely gives

Have you ever asked yourself what she sees
when she is staring far off
from where she sits peacefully
maybe even lonesome
have you ever wondered
have you ever asked

Do you really know what she feels
while in your arms
between the sheets
do you know
do you care
have you listened to her sigh
is it of pleasure
or normality that leaves her restless inside

Have you ever really looked into her eyes
can you still see the stars
that once were there
so easily she gave them to you
with a glimmered stare

Have you ever asked
just for your own knowledge
is she still there for two hearts
or just for one
that leaves her body cold and numb

When is the last time your eyes have meant hers
the last time you made love with eyes wide open
searching within each other
for lost souls that belong together

Have you  shared that dance
the one where no music is needed
for the rhythm of two heartbeats
is all that you need
for within the pools of her eyes
all is seen and understood

When is the last time you searched her eyes
and wondered about that one simple question
the one that proves to her
that her heart is still all that you are after
when is the last time you just asked

what are you thinking?

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