Thursday, August 29, 2013

Carelessly Entangled

Pretending that my heart has not been effected
I am ignoring the signs of a breathless moment
at play within your arms and embrace
my lips are numb from your fierce kiss
I can feel the fire in my eyes as I look away
disguising the desire that has washed over me

I walk away in my own escape
I can feel your eyes though as they watch
I can hear your soft steps as they follow me
your arms wrap around my body
as I can feel the pressure of you
closing the gap in-between us

Your chest feels like steel against my back
warmth is showered upon me as we sway from side to side
kisses laid on my shoulders sends my body spiraling
on weakened knees, I sigh
my hands tremble
in fear and anticipation
wanting what I am hesitating

My stomach feels like I have feasted on stone
a tightening knot proving all is not hollow
where I had wished for no feelings
they are found on my sleeve
my mind is racing a hundred miles an hour
thinking of a way out
before all sours
where I wish to stay and devour

I can feel your hand as it roams to the side of my face
butterfly kisses to the cheek and neck
I lose all of my will and strength
gently turned to face you now our eyes meet
as we continue to sway in a tight embrace
I wish for nothing now but your sweetness
like honey dripping from our lips
we take what we can get
forgetting all the words spoken when we meant

Your hands find my hair tangled in finger tips
drawling me closer leaving nothing in-between
we are lost in each others heartbeat
our bodies are craving a senseless need
for pleasure is our destiny
as we lay where we had just stood
all unravels where a careless whisper is understood  

Dancing throughout the night
our bodies and minds have now found their place
in the taste of a bittersweet love song
making love where denial makes no mistakes
guilty pleasure finds all at stake in a game of poker
two hearts drawn
words of love are now spoken
between two souls
of the the lost and forsaken  

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