Monday, August 26, 2013

Cat and Mouse "By my alter ego, Sinfully Alive"

How long must you run from me?
Don't you know by now I am playing
with you like meat being torn by a
great white grizzly bear?

I let you think you are getting away,
just to see the look in your eyes when
I finally take you down. Make you scream,
taste you bleed.

You cannot out run the dark goddess and
to believe so makes it all the more fun.
Come on, is that as fast as you can run?

I walk at a slow pace, waiting for your
heart and legs to give up and give in.
As you run I am only thinking of more
torment I can give!

Your legs are buckling now, your heart has
finally taken all it can.You drop to the
ground with fear in your eyes, I have won
this little game of cat and mouse.

I have grown bored with you to soon it
may seem,with just one touch from Sinfully
you turn to dust! I do not even crave to
watch you bleed, your not worth my fuss!

I leave you in a pile of burnt remains,
time to find someone else who will try
to beat me in this deadly game!I am just
in your mind, surly there is no one as
dark and deadly as I define.

Don't fall asleep tonight,think of me
when your eyes start to drift to sleep,
in your nightmares you will only see me!

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