Friday, August 23, 2013

Cowards find no Peace

Stop being that coward
the one who searches for inner piece
reading all that is spilled in black ink
for what is felt can never go away
with the readings of yesterday

Stop being that coward
the one who thinks of what he lost
because he never had the strength
to give it his all

Stop being that coward
who lives in his memories
because he could not build new ones
that would be shared between now and eternity

Stop being that coward
who dreams in his sleep of the one he lost
by his own hand
searching for greed

Stop being that coward
who has always taken
only what is given
because he did not have the courage
to find many more heavens

Stop being that coward
who made wishes that he could not live
because he was worried about the THINGS
he may not have

Stop, just stop being a coward
take a look into the empty mirror
that you set before yourself
what do you see?
For I see lonely!
if not then why do you persistently read
everything my pen has to bleed?

Stop being a coward
as you taught me
for you see, strength is only built
with two of the same meaning

Stop being a coward
or sit drunkenly
always searching for me

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