Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fabrics of your Soul

I want to kiss the fabric of your soul
as I leave behind butterfly kisses
from my heart to yours
I want to feel it explode from sheer wonder

I want to read your mind
as yours is caressed by my own thoughts
I want to feel your heart
like it is in the palm of my hand
beating frantically as it takes just one more

I want to whisper I love you into your ear
as my breath tickles every nerve within your body
bringing back to life what was stilled
and coveted

I want to look into your eyes
seeing the free spirit that had been tamed
I want to give it reason to run wild
watching as you come back to life
enjoying all of earths beauty

I want to lay down holding your hand
on the highest of hilltops
surrounded by the forgotten stars
once wished upon

I want to kiss your lips
and feel tomorrows love
touching your cheek with my fingertips
forgetting our yesterdays
heartaches and pain.

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