Monday, August 5, 2013

Meet the Author Press Release

Five Year Old Death Book Release
Date: 07/06/13
Contact: Bathsheba Dailey

Bathsheba Dailey was born in Baltimore Maryland, residing now in the Cabell County area where she has lived since she was fourteen years old. Divorced and with three children she decided to start a new life at the age of thirty three and went back to school for her business degree in management. She has two poetry books out on amazon called Soulful Writes and Soulful Writes part two and another two to be released in early fall. She has just completed her autobiography Five Year Old Death, released in late June. The book Five Year Old Death tells a story of overcoming abuse since she was a child and how her depression followed her through life into adulthood, making many bad decisions along the way. She has battled bulimia since she was sixteen using it as a tool to keep some sort of control over her life. She also battled an alcohol addiction after her divorce until the night she realized she was allowing her past dictate her future. Five Year Old Death walks you through her life and how she has found self-discovery in all of her negatives and positives. 

“If you have the strength to stay, you have the power to leave” has been something she has always done even when it took years to do so. Running away from home at a very young age when the abuse became too much to handle was a blessing and torment at the same time. Life without the abuse was something new to her but she still lived it in her mind and allowed herself to be abused in her marriage for many years before she once again left the abuse behind. Even today when she feels like life is full of negatives she tries to remember that a new beginning is better than an old ending and that there is a positive in every negative.

The battles of a battered mind are still a struggle in her everyday life but the hate and resentment she has carried through her life has subsided in a settling way. She has not covered up any of her own wrong doings because she wants people to see the true struggles of what abuse can cause even in the aftermath of it. 

One reviewer says “After reading this story which is written from the heart of a child who suffered dreadful pain which has flowed on to adulthood, one could almost feel the terror she suffered and with no way out, it is a great book and well written.” Another said “As a victim of molestation, rape, physical and emotional abuse, I identified with a lot that the author tried to get across in this book. This is a moving and heartfelt story. It also goes to prove that children live what they learn. The authors hope was to at least reach one person and I want her to know that she did.” You can find Five Year Old Death on or contact her E-mail address for signed copies. You can also find her on Facebook and her website

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