Monday, August 12, 2013

No holds barred

I will tell you
if I thought you would listen
I would express myself to the fullest
if I thought you would understand

I would walk hand in hand
along the sea crest
dancing my words into the tides of life
if I thought this road was meant to be taken

I would listen
if I thought you would tell the story
of the foundations of your own life
that has made you who you are

I would understand
your deepest and darkest emotion
as we open the closet that holds your past memories
setting all skeletons free
all whirlwinds shared together
no despair will comfort you any longer alone

We can speak the words
that has always been taken for granted
fixing the broken
that was left shattered
covering the scars
left by the demons we once believed in

We can run away
within the minds of the other
finding peace
where once laid hate

We can live our lives
no holds barred
excepting one another
for who we are

For that is the only way
that completeness is found
loving everything
without boundaries
understanding the misunderstood
that makes you

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