Monday, August 12, 2013

One Nation, Under the Government

She sits
as she waits for word
praying this day would never come
she is the wife and mother
of the deployed

He cries where no one can see
his weakness is a reality
not meant for men
he is the father and husband
of the deployed

They watch the news
as they proudly wave their flags
for peace is all they wish
for the truth we are all blind
as the government only tells us their side

Our soldiers fight for what they believe
half truths is all they are fed
kill these men for they have caused us a grievance
after we sat for years where we did not belong

Shoot to kill
everyone that stands in your way
no mind to the innocence
that had no part to such shame

Government pouts
for they had not been listened to
telling other countries to do as they say
or their families will find the greatest of pain

Our own men see now
coming home with the stories of the truth
for they now see
where they once were mislead

A once proud soldier
faces the reality of deceit
leaving with strength
a return home
he weeps

Blessed is the government
pocket full of bloodied deaths
in the color of green

Blessed is the government
who hides the truth
that we wish to not see
as we hold a Bible in one hand
a rifle in the other
screaming one nation under God
acting as if it gives us a right to slaughter

Blessed is the government
who hides the truth from our men and woman
in disbelief we swim
in their ocean of lies
drowning now as our own are left behind

Blessed is the government
who sends all into the pits of hell
as they sit quietly
in their office
of cushioned seats
spitting their lies for us to dwell in

Their fist are raised
with a full wallet
sending more men and women
where they never belonged

In the homes all across the country
sits a mother and father
husband and wife
daughter and son
counting the days
for the war to send home
those who hold their hearts

Life has become
one nation under the government
God was left behind long ago
for he seen our world going to hell

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