Friday, August 23, 2013

Sweet Poison

I can feel it
like I have swallowed gasoline
a match to the mouth
all burns inside, out

I can smell the chard remains of purity
burning in the flames
of maturity
I can sense the end near
a childs scars
leaves all catastrophes behind
fear no longer held on a sleeve
where strength is now perceived

I can taste it
like the taste of a sweet poison
chasing away all hopelessness
and doubts
savoring every drink
right down to the last drop
enjoying the drink of life
and freedom never relished before

I can hear it
the meanings in-between the lines
of a once blurred out song
Dancing alone
like I am in a crowded bar
listening to the words
like they were meant for no one
except me

I have woken up
I am alone
but yet comfort finds me
like a thousand people share my room
laughing in glee

Restless thoughts find me no longer
in a frenzy of self discovery
for they are lessons we all must learn
on the walks of life
some are meant to stay
some are meant to burn

I am on fire
for I have found my place
within my heart
I leave all to their own disgrace
and imperfections
as I heal my own insecurities
fixing my own imperfections gracefully
with a mind wide opened
I have the will to move on
never forgetting that seasons change
the same as our lives must one day

You see our lives are not ours alone
for someone stands higher ground
and sees what we miss
the tears we have shed
the smiles that we have played
come back to life
no longer a game of hide and seek

With that last drop of sweet poison
life begins from inside, out
for the dark has shown us our way
to the curtained window of light
clenched fist now are not those
of holding in pain
for they show us the power
that only we can contain

Life now worth living!

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