Monday, August 26, 2013

Taste of Fear "By my alter ego, Sinfully Alive"

My blood is boiling! Your
tears I want to taste, as
they fall from your lying
despicable face.

Your blood I wish to feel
as it runs through my hands,
you hide like a child from
regretfull nightmares.
To cowardly to make your stand!

Tell me the words you wish
to say, hide no longer because
I will find you anyway! Bring
it on my dear, I am ready to
play your games. I will give
you a taste of fear!

You have never felt the pain
you will when I have dismembered
your weak body into shards of
shredded pieces! Not even your
pleading will help you now,my
heartless body is on the prowl!

I have played your insecure game
long enough, only in your words are
you tough! I am calling your bluff!
Blow your fire,relish inside of your
smoke, come forward and abide by the
words you spoke!

Can you hear that screeching sound?
That is the terror from the last one
who tried my patience, you are now going
to take their place!

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