Monday, August 19, 2013

You will never be as happy as me because you will always put gainful things ahead of yourself and heart, you will be the biggest loser of us all! You will never understand life the way that I do because you were never made to live it the way that I have been made to. You will never have the heart that I do because money means more to you than living life to the fullest for what you accomplish alone. You will never be as happy as I will be, because you were to much of a coward to fight for the beauty of a real heart and soul. You are nothing more than a little boy who is greedily living life for things that will never matter in the end to you, your children that you let go for a woman who has no heart or care about your own family. You are in the end the lowest of all men, for you are a user of what you can get. I wish I had never laid my stock on who I THOUGHT you were, for a fake is all you have accomplished in life. You are a loser

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