Monday, September 9, 2013

Black Angel

climb your way out of hell
for which you dug yourself into
bloodied nails torn to the quick
mind frantic
heart races as it calms into reality

Eyes the color of coal
skin the ghostly complexion of gray
frozen in time
chilled to the bone
find your own way out
as the fire catches up with you
that was sent from hell
to engulf the spawn that resides within
like a movie of fiction
you feel it burning
you taste the scorch of what you have become

a fraction of what was left behind
a lesson learned
by the hands of the un-felt lie
music plays
just teasingly within your mind
telling a story of the lost and left behind
eyes content to watch all burn
as the inferno takes all in greed

Climbing out of the dark
all melts away past thoughts of conflict and pain
chin rests on hands
as dark and light battle the wars
left within the body and soul
all turns to dust
when it no longer has a hold of the mind
when all is gone with yesterdays games
lies that carried the note of torment
leaves all in a satchel of new beginnings

Climbing out of a hole dug deep
hands scared from the battles within
land is there
sitting sweetly still
all has melted away
with it is gone
all misery
standing tall is a black angel
wings spread in waiting
life no longer one to contemplate
for all had been taken, that was given
and she still stands steadfast
proud of the scars that remain
the fractures that found her body in pain
for strength is everlasting
even in the mind of the weak!  

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