Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Off Balance

My mind is off balance,
flooded with nothing
but yet so much.
My heart feels like it will explode,
like a dynamite flare has been set afire!
Every emotion within my body is aflame
insanely desiring to feel his arms
wrapped around my body in peaceful slumber.

My arms are aching with want!
I want nothing more but to enclose him tightly
against me as I lay a butterfly kiss to his cheek.
The meeting of our eyes leave the whisper of our hearts behind,
telling everything without a word muttered or defined.

A sense of belonging has been found,
the truth of sincere love and affection has found me
carried away within the comfort of his existence.
The torments of the past seems so worthwhile now,
leading me into my rightful place beside him
glorifying every moment spent in his presence.
When apart I can still feel the tightening of my lips
in thoughts of our last moments spent together.
Our last embrace with an I love you
softly laid upon the tip of my nose in goodbye.

I am left off balance,
waiting for your text with the skipping of my heartbeat.
I am left off balance,
craving to hear your voice on the other side of the phone.
I am left off balance,
going through the pictures of my memories
to see your eyes smile down at me.
I am off balance,
waiting patiently to see you walk up to my door again.
I am left off balance,
because everything I have ever believed to be true
has been proven wrong within the strength of your embrace.

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