Friday, November 1, 2013

A visit to heaven

I don't know what it was,
you had a hold of every nerve within my body.
Left weak and trembling
I have never felt so powerless before.
There was nothing different that I could tell,
just the every day enjoyment
of being held within the folds of your arms.

Maybe it was the anticipation
I experienced while we danced in the kitchen.
Or the soft words of love and affection
you whispered so softly near the lobe of my ear.
It could have been the way you stared so intently within my eyes,
or the way just the touch of your hand caressing mine
always sends my body into a shivering mess.

I have never felt so alive,
I have never felt like everything around me
could turn to gold with just a smile from your lips.
It is almost like I am living in a little girls fairy tale,
living the dream we all wished for in a conversation
with our best friends on a sleep over night.

I have gained all proof that I am where I belong,
it took one night within your arms to find my heaven
that so many have talked about.
I thought that I had felt everything a woman could ever want,
little did I know Mr.Right was out there
when the time was right to find my special ending!
I have still not figured out what happened and why,
for I am still in shock that someone could hold so much power
my body, mind and soul.

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