Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I am working out details to go to girls group homes and talk to them about my autobiography and Battered Shadows. The thought that I can help these girls in any way gives me more pleasure than any money could buy. Not everything is about things, for the free things that touches the heart means so so much more to me and so many other people out there. When I wrote "Five Year Old Death" I said I would be happy if it at least touched one person or made them realize that life does not have to be lived in the past, but for the future. I think I have succeeded at that wish several times over! Also this is the last week to get books in for the book drive for the soldiers in Afghanistan, you can email me for details if you are an author wanting to be apart of this great project. Andrew Scott has also invited me back to his radio show to promote and talk about Battered Shadows, all proceeds go to Collation against domestic violence. Not one penny goes to myself or any of the great authors who joined in to make such a heartfelt book come to life. When I asked for authors for this book I made it blunt that not one dime went to anyone but the people who need it the most and I think we put together a great book with information included about the violence so many have to suffer at the hands of those that profess love for them. All and all this has been a great year! My wishful project for next year will be putting together a book to help children in the states name. We all see how many children are in foster homes and group homes, the stats are rising with less homes for these children. Our future is held within children, if not for our children we would not be able to move forwards in life. Lets give them the chance that so many has ignored along the way of their living. Everyday that we live is a new beginning, only we can make it the best that we can for ourselves and others. I love you all and thank you for just being you!     

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