Wednesday, November 6, 2013

If I could change anything about my life I would not change one thing! In all of its bad and good it has gotten me to where I am now. All the roads that have been taken were meant to be taken in order to learn and grow along the way and to do better for myself and others. I may not have had a great childhood, well hell it was awful but it gave me empathy and love for all human life. It gave me the will to go on when I wanted to die. I am lucky that I was in the states name because now I can try to help other children that have to live that life and show them that happiness can be found no mater what they believe now. I am blessed to have married even though we are no longer together because I have three beautiful girls that came out of that marriage. I am even glad that I fell hard for a player because it made me leave an abusive husband and go back to school. So through all of this I am with a man whom I love with all of my heart and that loves me just as completely, I have graduated with a business degree, I have five books out and working on two more novels and two more poetry books. So all and all, there is a positive in every single negative! You just have to find it and then run with it. Life can really suck sometimes but there is a reason for everything. Loving life and all that it has taught me!

There is a Positive in every Negative!

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