Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Only You

A power surge plays riddles with my body
every nerve set on fire
every emotion heightened 
every thought crossed with conflict
like an angel playing the devils game
out of the dark
the power of light shows brightly

Quicksand consumes all
but those strong enough to fight their way out
life regained
where one was once left with endless doubts
another takes her place 
fighting away all dark
standing in front of the mirror 
she is the same
except for the glow that surrounds her face

Calm finds turmoil silently letting go
warriors are made to fight in everyday life
placed on earth we all have our battles to win
some fall hard
never believing that life is more than what has been given
for they found weakness taking over their every nerve.

Once they hit rock bottom
they are made to make hard decisions
crawl out fighting for everything 
or nothing
leave all behind that brought them down
or lay where they have been thrown upon the ground
A fighter can be found
deep within
under the mask of fear 
they have placed upon their being for safety

Walls are built
as they are meant to come down one day
when the time is right
and they have the courage to fight for what they 
what makes them feel alive
in a world that has always shown them pain

A power surge plays riddles with my body
telling me to shake the negativity off
what once tormented my mind
is now lost
for life gives no one the easy way out
we were born into a world that is not easily lived
we were born with our own strength
never let those who want you down win

Only you succumb to yourself
only you make the changes that needs to be made
only you can find your happiness
when you are not battling yourself within
only you have the power 
to stop all in their tracks of destroying 
the soul that fights to find peace
only you can make the best 
out of a world that holds so much negativity 

Finding the positive in every negative
Finding love where once you felt nothing
Finding light where once a lantern could not even 
show you your way!

Only you have the power
to find yourself 
where once stood the weak
easily devoured! 

Only you!