Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Peacefully asleep

I woke to the touch of your hand
as I felt you wrapping me closely in the fold of your arms
keeping me warm and safe from all harm
but yet tonight you are not here
I smelled your skin against me in the dead of the night
filling my senses with the scent I have grown so fond of
even though tonight you are not here

I could feel your breath tickling my ear
as you faintly whisper that I am like glass
that you wish no fingerprints to be left upon or cracked.
The corners of my lips curved in a smile
I could almost feel my eyes glow
under your tender stare and sentimental words of love.
I heard them so clearly
even though tonight you are not here with me!

I awoke expecting to turn over and nestle down
in the crook of your arm like I do so frequently now.
Feeling you lay a tender kiss on my forehead
as you wrap me closer with your other arm.
But you are not here tonight
as I had wished for and yearned.

I am left to go back to bed
where I can see you,
feel you,
smell you,
be close to you
even if just in my dreams
until the next time that we lay in each others arms
in a peaceful sleep...

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