Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book drive success "THANK YOU"

The book drive has come to an end! Thank you to everyone who had a part in the success of the book drive for our soldiers. I received books signed from authors I have never meant or even said one word to so thank you to all of my author friends who put the word out for me. We also had a company who sent me games for the soldiers thanks to a great man named Tony Curtis who also sent a donation to help send them overseas. I also want to thank the two post office woman who are friends of mine who helped get them nice and snug for the shipping. One even also helped with more shipping! But what was the strangest but yet so freaking awesome was a stranger in the post office who overheard us talking about the books, she came over to the desk and said thank you and laid down five dollars. She was thanking me for something that I enjoyed doing with so many other special people who participated. It was proof that so many people hear of nothing but the negatives in this world and not enough of the positives that are happening everyday. There is still humanity where most believe there is nothing but grief and sorrow for what the world has become. We need to open our eyes and thank our lucky stars for what we have no matter how little of it we have. Life is about giving and caring for others and trying to make their day brighter and if at all possible happier. It gives me great comfort to know that even though I am no millionaire my voice is still heard and listened to in order to make what ever little change that I can for the better. We have had two successful years in giving back for the holidays, last year with the charity book for the battered and homeless and then this year with the book drive. I hope that one day I can do more all year around but for now it is what it is. Our plans for next year is another book by authors all around the world for children in foster care and group homes, I will also be doing another book drive for the soldiers for Christmas. Out of all we had four big boxes to send off, lets make that many more next year <3,,,, 



  1. Thanks so much for organizing this. Very happy to be a part of it. :) Happy Holidays!

  2. Thank you for being a part of the book drive <3