Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I listen to the song of a mockingbird
finding my own words to replace those of the dark.
Playing with the demons that rest in my closet
I put them back to bed
with a bullet between their eyes
all falls down dead!

What had felt like heaven, swallowed me alive
what was mistaken as need, took all of me!
Leaving nothing behind but an empty shell in its wake,
I found the mornings breath with a tear upon my cheek.
With a torch in tow I chased away the masked man
burning all of my memories to the ground.
Leaving all in flames I wipe away the moisture from my eyes
like acid, they burned my hand
in a pleasurable way.

For a moment I let myself drown in my own grief,
drinking away the days I let all go numb
with the poison that flooded my veins in vain.
Falling off to nothing, with a finger down my throat
I done everything to make sure in the morning
I could not be woken!

Coming to my senses I claw my way out,
with bloodied fingertips I left my past at hell's gate.
Taking the time to listen to the mockingbird
I no longer heard the dark that at one time I believed he sang.
I finally relished the morning gloom
for I understood all would come in its own good time
when you realize what your heart needs
and not your mind.

Finding my own happiness within myself
I could feel the cold being replaced with warmth.
I felt a smile tickle my face
I couldn't believe that there was so much more to life,
So much to see that had for so long been ignored.
While I was worried about making others happy
I forgot about me and what I deserved!

In loving arms I have now found peace,
I sleep in the comfort of knowing
I am now where I was always meant to be.
A kiss to his lips,
a word of love through the sway of a dance
we have found love
where in the past there would have been no chance.

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