Friday, January 17, 2014

I remember the many times that I wished I could turn back time, almost like I could wake up and all that I had lived was just a nightmare that I could be woken from. Now I think about all that I have been through and all of the mistakes I have made in my life and I know that I am happy right where I am. I would not want to relearn how to tell the difference between a user and a true heart. I would not want to relearn how to hide my feelings until I am ready to explode in a negative way. I would not want to have a better life than I have already lived because I may not be the person that I am today. Strong but yet weak, loving but yet careful, thinking of others while I am a shadow away from happiness. I watch all of these news coverage's and am appalled at what I see. I see spoiled rotten teenagers getting away with murder just because he was never taught humanity toward other human life. I see abused victims making excuses for murdering their children or sticking a needle in their arms when in reality that should have taught them that they could overcome anything and give that lost love they never had to their own children. I see Christians acting worse than any criminal on the streets with their judgmental words when the bible plainly states you are not to judge anyone no matter what, for that is not our job. I have had to fight a whole life of abuse but it brought me to where I am today in all of my good and bad and that is okay because only I have walked in my shoes and only I will have to walk in them until my time is up. So do I still wish to turn back time? Nope because I do not wish to be one of these people who have no humanity in their hearts for others that have not been given everything in their lives since birth. Nope because I want to always "Remember where I have come from while being found by others". I was born to be strong and fight battles, I have not always been the winner but I have learned how to be a strong loser. Live, learn and love, that my friends is what life is all about!