Thursday, January 30, 2014

The first step is always the hardest, life gives us so many lessons to be learned even when we are not paying attention to what is right in front of us. I had to crash and burn in order to pick myself up and restart a life that until now was not really worth living. I walked among the pits of hell drinking every moment away wishing it was the last moment I would have to spend on the retched earth. How silly it seems now, to allow others to dictate my life. I allowed someone to stomp me the lowest I have ever been over the silliest notion that materials are worth more than "self worth". I had to take that to heart to realize my heart had been the purest in the game of pursuit that was played. Another lesson learned where souls collide in the confusion of what is and what should be. These lessons taught me though who I was and what I wanted and deserved in my love and everyday life. I have never felt such passion and love for another human being as I do for the one man who has proved to me that not all men are users of the heart, mind and body. I am so freaking excited to make this next move in my life, just the thought of waking up every morning beside the love of my life makes me teary eyed at the beauty I have finally found. I am moving once again and it has completely took me by an overwhelming surprise. I am ready to finally say I have found what has always been missing, I have found the man that has and always will make all of my dreams come true! I love you Jeffery, and yes if you can call me by my full name I can you :P.... 



  1. teary..........all the best for u two......<3 i can see myself in that post u know? sadly my happy ending is in trouble........who knows how it will end...but great what u achieved and i gotta stay strong so maybe in the end i will have my happily ever after as well :)

    1. I would never have believed I could be this happy. I was sure I would never meet anyone like him and out of the blue and when least expected he popped in my life. I am sure the same will happen with you <3