Tuesday, February 4, 2014

~A peek into Sinfully Becoming~

~A peek into Sinfully Becoming~

As I tried to back away from the building my foot got caught in trash that has been just thrown anywhere and with a crashing boom I landed on my ass cutting open my hand on broken glass. Shit just what I needed, to be caught ease dropping on a bunch of thugs! Just as I thought I could make an escape back into the street two of the men came out of the building to investigate what was going on. I had to think and think fast but what in the hell could I say to keep myself out of trouble and out of harm’s way?

Well shit I done ruined my new pants “Sparrow muttered” loud enough for the men to hear

Well hello there missy, what can us fine gentlemen help you with? “The tallest thug asked in a so called sweet way”

Any gentleman would offer me a towel to wipe this blood up with “Sparrow said with a cocky grin”

Oh my, she is a feisty one ain’t she Billy? The second thug asked his buddy

Looking at both men Sparrow rolled her eyes in distaste and satisfaction that she had made herself sound like a bitch. She had to now make herself fit in with these thugs, this was not how she wanted to make an entrance but so much for her plans.

Are you going to get me something or not? I am bleeding to death here guys! “She stated in her bitchiest voice”

After the two men gave each other a shit eating grin they calmly looked back at her and said “well sure, why don’t you step into our castle” Billy said with a swing of his arm

With a smile Sparrow stated that she hoped there were servant’s to stitch up her hand.

After they had made their way into the building Sparrow knew she had to keep her emotions under control. Seeing the young man still on the ground made her stomach tighten but she could not let these men see her upset over the sight.

Looking intently at the young man she harshly stated “rough fall huh?” not expecting an answer

Well you know, hard day at the office “he faintly replied”

With that one of the men took the pipe and smacked him in the face so hard that he was knocked out cold!

“Lights out kiddo” The biggest of the men said, giggling in the most leering drawl that Sparrow had ever heard. He had to be the ring leader because everyone laughed at him even though there was nothing funny about the situation at all.

Well now what do we have here? A young miss has lost her way or maybe she is playing a child’s game of eye spy. “He turned to her stating more than asking”

Actually it was more like taking a break as I fell over that mess outside! “Sparrow said just as factually to the brute of a man”

Well a man has to keep up his image; I wouldn't want to be going around mopping up the place. It may give people the wrong impression, like I give a rats ass about my hmmm work place you could say.

Looking around Sparrow snorted, there was trash and beer bottles flung all over the place and she was almost certain she smelled a hint of something other than cigarette smoke. The young man was still out cold in the floor and the men were just walking over him and some even on him. This was all a joke to them. It takes a very cold or lonely person to have such disrespect for human kind. Yea Sparrow was sure she had found the men she was looking for and maybe now with her mishap she can weasel her way into their so called “family”.

Let’s get your hand wrapped up and then we can chit chat afterwards about what really brings you to our fine castle. Until then you can just call me Harvey! Once again everyone started laughing like he was the comedian of the year. “And what may I call you little miss?”

Giving him a cold and blank stare she gave him the same name as the man the night before. “You can call me Sin” she said without breaking eye contact.

Hmmm “Sin” isn’t that kind of a big name for a little girl like yourself? Really, how much sinning have you done in your lifetime? “Will asked with a laugh in his voice”

Does murder count? Sin stated more than asking, this time with a smile in her eyes that never touched her lips.

It seemed as if he was looking at her for the first time now. He was watching her body language and trying to figure her out, had she really murdered someone or was she just trying to play the part. By the look in her eyes Will decided that she probably had committed a murder, but she was not a cold blooded murderer. This could be a very interesting friendship indeed.

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