Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I have finally decided what I want to do with my life! The funny thing is it is not a financially smart thing to do but it is something that I know I will love and hopefully do well at. I have always said "Never forget who you are or where you have come from while being found by others" and I have always been the weekend girl with one hell of a story to tell. I hope to reach teenage girls with my story in all of the positives and negatives and make a difference in their lives for the better. If all goes well I will be traveling around boring many of children and telling them that no matter where you have come from there is a brighter future for all of us to live. I have not felt this passion for something in a very long time, it feels GREAT! It even feels better knowing that my hunni is standing by my decision 100 percent. I hope to teach young people that we all have suffered in our lives and that with determination we all can succeed but more than anything I want to teach them that writing their feelings down on paper can help them with self therapy. I have been in that chair on the opposite side of a doctor who really has no idea what we have went through. For me writing has helped me a whole lot more than anything. If you can reach another human being with your words or art you should use it for the good if possible. You have been given a gift that only you can share! The past five months I have grown into someone that excepts all that she has done wrong and right, it is my obligation to help anyone who has been in my shoes. I want to thank all of you that has stood beside me from the beginning, there are a few of you that was here when I was drunk every chance that I could lift a beer to my mouth and a few that was here when more than once I tried to overdose on anything that was in my reach. That shows me who really matters in my life whether near or far. You are my family, sometimes water runs deeper than blood and for me that has been the story of my life.  Please if you have the ability to reach one person with your craft or heart do so, it will mean the world to those that you touch. Have a beautiful night x

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