Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A peek into Sinfully Becoming"

Sparrow was deep in thought when she walked back into the kitchen for a drink, a stiff drink sounded a lot better than the sweet tea that she had made earlier that day. 

Well if it isn’t Miss Sin!

With a yelp Sparrow went for the gun that she had lain on the counter when she had thought all was safe.

What the hell are you doing here Lucas? And more so, how did you get into my house? Breathlessly she couldn’t decide if she should shoot him or be thankful that it was just him. 

Boy o boy for a crusader of the night you sure are jumpy young lady, Lucas giggled.

You may not notice this Lucas, but it is dark out right now and I was trying to sleep until your ass snuck into my house like a bandit of the night.

Once again how did you get into my house?

Aw come on I may be a good guy but I can pick locks Sin, it really is not all that hard! You may want to get a dog though; I could have been breaking in to take advantage of your lovely self.

Well now that we have that covered why are you even in my house? Sparrow felt at ease with him even though he had proven he was not as innocent as she had predicted from the first night.

I heard a nasty rumor a bit ago! Some are saying that a dark haired beauty with a hint of craziness was seen with a bunch of gang members today. I couldn’t help but wonder if that dark haired beauty was you! 

Dumbstruck Sparrow just sat there listening to him like she was scared of admitting it was her. How dare he act like he had a say on where she was or what she was doing. This was going to be a pain in her ass trying to keep him out of her business. She was going to have to think of a way to keep him at bay where he belonged!

Are you really sitting there acting like I am a kid who has been sneaking around in "no no" areas? How dare you even question anything about me! Sparrow could feel her face turning red with every word that she spit out at him.

Whoa girl, chill the hell out! I was concerned for you and your well-being! Listen it isn’t like I can tell you who to hang out with in your spare time but have you ever taken into consideration that maybe just maybe you need to find better friends. By now Lucas was laughing to the point of tears, Sparrow really did not see anything funny at all about a man breaking into her home and then giving her the third degree about her pick of friends. 

Well I hate to break up your fun there Lucas but I think I am going back to bed now. I have tons of bad guys to hang out with in the morning, hmmmmmm you reckon they will be up in the morning or still in a drunken haze? Sparrow sneered with cockiness

All jokes aside Sin, just be careful. You play with fire and you may just get burned!

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