Thursday, July 17, 2014

        As many of you know by now, myself and many other writers put together a book called "Battered Shadows" over a year ago. This book is a charity book for NCADV which is short for "National Coalition Against Domestic Violence" where all of the proceeds go to them to help abused victims. The only money that does not go to the charity is the money that Amazon keeps for the printing and shipping. This group helps with many things including housing, food, clothing, scholarships, cars and many other things that help abused victims to get back on their feet. In most cases victims will remain victims because they see no way out of the abuse. Most have children that they are worried will do without and others have been convinced that they could never make it without the abuser. The abused will give themselves a thousand reasons why they can never leave and could never make it because their self esteem has been as brutalized as their bodies and minds have been. Being an abused victim myself I know the hardship of finally leaving and how hard it is to do so with children. Once I finally left I changed my life, going back to school and completing my business degree proved to me that things can change and get better no matter how hard it may seem at first. We picked this charity after searching through many others because it seemed to have the most benefits for the abused. I am aware that not everyone reads or even enjoys poetry so for those who do not think this is something they may want to be apart of please do at least share the book with your friends or drop a word to someone that you do think would enjoy reading the heartfelt poetry by writers all over the world that has in one way or the other suffered abuse. Thank you for your time and patience. 

Amazon link

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence link

Here is one of many poems that are in the book

Shadows of a battered mind 

Reflections of cracked glass
fondle upon the mind of the
broken. Tormented mysteries
find battered and bruised left
on the doorstep of hell's grief.
Searching finds defeated in
the mind of the lost.

Doomed are those who wish
upon a star shaded by the clouds
in the midnight hour. Frantic
cries scream wanting within
the entity of fear and power.
Doomed to be nothing less
than understanding what shall
never be understood.

Tears find jaded love in who
is deserving not, mask hides
behind the face of robotic steps
never to be taken. Truth guarantees
nothing is left in the dark when
seen within the light of the blinded.

Sun opens up to a brand new day, lived
by those in turmoil and fright. A child
whispers in the dark, is this the life I
am to embark on ? For heaven has
found night tremors in the believing,
that in the day one can forget the midnight

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