Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Destruction of Mankind

Let's let the blind lead the blind,
let them have a chance to explain to us
what the world looks like from their minds.
They can tell us what we are not seeing,
our eyes can tell us a different story
than the truth that we so often miss.

Let the deaf tell us what they hear,
their eyes can read a million thoughts
that run rampant in another's soul.
Let them lead the way with only
their hearts as their voice.

Let our children in on the secret,
the one that we all know by now
but hide away
Let them tell us what they see
let them tell us what they perceive to be the truth.
Young hearts of purity at its best.
young dreams that can give us the freedom
to understand what only they really get.

You know,
I am just tired
so many wars to win
none of which is worth the bloodshed.
We have become greedy,
taking what is not ours
as we throw the blame on innocents.
Babylon in the making,
but we blindly go our own way.
We pretend to know
what we are really to stupid to understand.

We preach to our children to be good
we tell them to leave the racism where it belongs,
underneath the mat
that they wipe their feet upon.
But yet
it is almost hopeless
so much is going on around the world
so much torture that even we are shaken to the core.
They will go to school tomorrow
and sit in these classes that tell them
who to hate
and what to believe
and we will be told to jump on board
for that is the way of life
and nothing can interfere with their treacherous word.

We will stand tall and proud,
we will throw our angry words for everyone to hear.
Just as the deed is done that we have just venomously disagreed
we will walk away never making a difference
because we are to worried about how we may be seen.
Nothing will ever change
in this life that we have allowed to get out of hand.
We will let mankind be the destruction
of a land that was built by better men.
We will let ourselves go backwards
because we did not have the strength or voice
to encourage each other to use their own minds
when fighting for what we believe to be most important things.

The light at the end of a dark tunnel
The voice that can change a million thoughts
The hand that will uplift those that find themselves
hurt and confused and sometimes lost.

We are a weak nation
fighting for a weaker world.
No peace will ever be won
as long as we a people and a community
find it in our hearts to be silent and still!

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