Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Real Deal

Have you ever cried for no reason at all,
the thought of the miles walked has finally caught up.
The lights that dimmed for so long
brightens to such a beauty that
even the north star could not compare.

Have you ever melted into someones arms
miles away from where their body may stand
with just their voice on the other line.
Have you ever craved them
needed them
wanted to devour their essence
with the touch of your lips,
once they were in you presence?

I cannot control my thoughts
I cannot control the way that my body reacts
when in his arms.
He is in my soul like no other
he has driven the dark from my heart
no play acting is needed
to keep him sound where I wish him to be.

I find it hard to believe sometimes
that my heat pressed against his is enough,
that my kisses to his body are all that he needs.
I find it hard to believe that our love making
can hold him steadfast where only I stand.
I find it hard to believe that for me
there is something more that I have finally found.

Have you ever wanted someone like that?
Have you ever loved someone like that?
To feel the love that you were missing
in every private way ten fold?
I am once again
craving the moment that sweet love takes me to the heavens and back.
I am torturing myself
wanting to feel him in my arms
showing me the way that a woman can only feel
when in love with the one she gives her everything to.

Love is a silly thing
you think you have known it
until you meet the real deal!

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