Thursday, December 4, 2014

Just my thoughts

I have had a couple of people asking me why I have not been writing lately so here is the answer to that in case others are wondering also. I do write still but what I write is either found on my blog or it is not out there to be read until my new poetry book is out. Now the reason I have not been blurting my feelings and thoughts as I once done is because people cannot except the fact that we all see the world with our own eyes and we all have the right to speak the truth as WE see it. Now I have no problem with people telling me their side of things and what THEY see at all. What I have  a problem with is the fact that they like to call out people in negative ways to TRY and make them see things their way. With that said I am going to just go ahead and tell you a couple thoughts that have been swimming around in my mind and keep in mind that these are MY thoughts, not YOURS. 

First off everyday we see the gay community arguing with the Christian community because of their lifestyle. The gay side wants to have the freedom to love who they wish to love and the Christian community wants them to mend their ways and reach to God for support in those ways. Okay here is the issue with that! As Christians we know the bible says it is a sin and that we are suppose to guild the sinners into a sinless life so they can join us in Heaven but not all Christians act like Christians! They would rather cuss, rant and rave on the sinner instead of following the bible and loving the sinner as they try to guild them into Gods arms. I see more Christians acting un-Christianity than sinners with their attitude and loathing of the sinner. I see more sinners helping others than those who profess to be high and above Christians. I am a Christian but I sin every single day that I breathe! If I could walk through those church doors as I once done without feeling so uncomfortable I would but this is not the eighties and I am not a child any longer. I see and understand more now than I once did and I see Christians with their hate spewing words sin everyday and then act like they are above everyone else on Sunday. I would love to walk through the doors of Christ and feel his love shine down on me but instead I feel the eyes of my judgmental peers drilling holes through my back. Maybe we could help more sinners "including myself" if we acted like the Christian that God wanted us to be and acted with love instead of judgement, show kindness in our hearts instead of disdain for the rest of the world. With that said, do I believe that gays are sinning? Yes I do but luckily for me the bible says I can be their friend and that I can love them just as I love those that do not sin. That does not mean I agree with their lifestyle, it just means I will pray for them and not judge them as they live their lives the way that they see fit! 

Second, has anyone really paid attention to what is going on with the police? Not really I could guess, either you are completely against all of them or you agree with all of them. Bottom line is this, there are good and bad in everyone and that includes those that are suppose to serve and protect us. We have good police and we have bad police, we have good whites and bad, we have good blacks and bad. There is not any race better than another no matter how want to see things. We hear so much about how many blacks are in prison for drugs and that is all they are good for etc etc etc. Okay lets hear about how many white men are in prison for raping their children. Why are we sitting around ranting and raving about blacks and drugs and not whites raping innocent children? I was not going to do this but I might as well, both of those cops who got off this week were guilty of a crime on a black man! FACT! It is kind of funny that more videos are out now proving that Brown had his hands up after the first shot yelling ok ok ok to the cop. Why did the cop keep shooting? Unarmed kid with hands up is not a threat any longer. Did the kid do wrong? Yes he did! Did he deserve to die like that? No he did not! There are a lot of people saying he deserved it but if it was their child they would feel differently but as Kermit the frog says "that's not here or there". We hear people saying everyday that they are tired of hearing the race card and yes so am I but in a lot of cases there is a reason people still use it. You are either blind or you are a part of the problem in the reasons we hear the race card all of the time. America needs to face the fact that racism is still alive and well in the United States, not just against our black communities but against anyone who does not believe in our beliefs and against everyone who is not of our own color. This is about all colors not just the whites! 

The bottom line for me is this! We have a cop who has "retired a millionaire for murdering a child" on the dime of other Americans instead of helping the vets who have served us. We have a killer sitting high up on his pedal-stool while our vets are looking for a way to stay out of the rain! We have the rich sitting in their circle of friends complaining over rambunctious teens in their community instead of fighting for a community center for them as we had in our childhood. A place for them to go to feel welcomed and wanted. We have empty buildings everywhere that are rotting away when they could be used for good, a place for the vets, a community center for our children a home for the homeless. I am mad because the government has convinced our children that they should not be spanked when they do wrong but yet we are the accused when our child does wrong in the future. I am mad because we are nothing more now than sheep who will believe anything that the wolf will tell us just so we can fit in the circles that we wish to be in. We should be the circle of truth, love and understanding. In the end we all, Christians and sinners alike have a lot of work to do "on ourselves" before we can help anyone else "find their way" through the mess that we all have had a hand in making in this world. 


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