Monday, January 5, 2015

Let me

Let me watch as you undress me with your eyes.
The passion you want is described
in the way that your breath gets stuck in your throat.
Fierce want is written in the silence of your glance,
I can almost feel my clothing fall to the ground.
Let me feel the  desirable thoughts
that play over and over in your mind.
Let me feel your hands caress me like in your dreams.
Give me the pleasure that you seek
take me as your own on the ground that lays beneath us.

Let me taste the craving
that you wish to devour that belongs to me.
Let me relish the sweet honey that lingers on your lips,
leaving you thirsty for more.
I will give you what you want
in the promise that you will give me what I need.
Let me hunger for you the way that you hunger for me.
I want nothing more than to get full on the sweet love
that you promise me with your silent inclination.

Let me hear that song
the one that you are singing to yourself
that has my name written between the lines.
Lets dance to it as we undress each other in the flesh.
Sway me in your arms,
lay me in a bed of wildflowers
with the scent of your desire heavy on my skin.
Sing me your lullaby
through the movements of our love making.
Kiss me with the passion that you were clearly dreaming of.
Let me feel the flesh of your own flesh
as we climate to the sound of our own song.

Let me be what you want,
give me what I need,
let me live in the desire
that I see written in the beauty of your eyes.  

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