Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow days

It started as one, 
a free day for the kids to play.
As the evening passed by it was obvious 
that another snow day was on its way.
With confidence we decided this will not be so bad,
we can sleep in without the ding of the alarm clock.
Then it happened, noise everywhere all through the night, 
there is not much sleeping in 
when the youngsters have your day already planned out.

Snow soaked carpet and wet clothes slung everywhere,
a bird on the loose has them running like a bunch of terrors.
Jumping, climbing, scaring the poor critter
he is left breathless regretting his last moment decision.
Now he is free and I am wishing for my own pair of wings.
Fly into a tree, run into a cave,
anything would be better than yet another snow day.

Then the phone rings
BOE is on the other line
the kids could tell by the look on my face
that they now have number four of snow days.
They jump up and down in their excitement
complete glee is written all over their little faces.

This week will be the death of me,
I am in search of rope and tape aplenty.

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