Tuesday, March 31, 2015

All of me

I will not bargain for what I want
I will not take only part of what I deserve
I am free from needless nothings
I am worth everything that is something

I cannot take you by your stance
I can only except the actions that are shown
I cannot take the words that you say as truth
there have been to many words spoken
that were merely nothing more than lullaby fairy tales

I am a little bit complicated I have to admit
shoveling into my soul can be as hard as a miners job.
You only get what you earn
you can only see the sides of me that you work for.

I can give you the lust that you seek
I can give you sweet kisses along the crest of your heart
you only have one small thing to accomplish
take my heart in your palm and relish it for what it worth.

Nothing that matters can be bought
anything worth having takes understanding.
I can give you the core that my heart rest upon
I can give you the soul that hides behind my every nightmare
I can give you unconditional love and rapture
I can give you anything that you seek
as long as you can handle, all of me.

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