Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Two steps from the truth
a second glance into the aftermath of hell.
Beggars and pleaders beckon from their broken souls,
eagerness awaits them on the other side.
Careless thoughts hear the sound of the trumpets playing,
agony can find the heart in the shallow of its own darkness.

Pledging reluctantly against the dawn,
safety lays in the pillow in which they sleep.
Dreams become nightmares that are held dear,
remembering a time when all was unclear.
Tokens are not worthy of their cost,
some things are lost among the shadows on the walls.

What once was important
loses the glue that held it together.
What once was a hope,
turns into a dark and useless nothing.
Nothing is as it seems
when hidden behind the effort that only one soul bled.

The clock is ticking, as the time stands still.
The memory of accomplishments are faded,
as restlessness takes it place.
Tracks were walked that should have been ignored
time was wasted that could have been pushed forward.

You cannot change tomorrow with yesterdays mistakes,
you cannot walk the coals of earth
without the bothersome echo of a tormented soul.
Time has led us to where we belong,
the nightmares begin to fade, ever so slow.

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